AysegulKarmis Design

Who am I ?

I’m providing accessory design services as a freelancer with Aysegul Karmis Design trademark. My main area of expertise is accessory design including jewelry, shoes and purse.

I’m offering support for conceptual collection design and consultancy to jewelry and accessory firms as well as tutoring to improve design skills of their staff if necessary. I do the same for shoe and purse categories. Follow-up services of quality control and entire manufacturing process has been provided based on agreement.

Apart from that I can make personal designs and produce them.

It’s possible to see the end products here and also you can follow my sosyal media pages: @aysegulkarmisdesign

I am specialized in jewelry design and in providing concept collection designing services for brands and jewelers. I can help you develop products that are in line with your target market, and with the technology of your brand. After I comprehensively analyze the particular vision and mission you wish to convey, I can limit my services specifically to drawings, without taking part in the production phase. As well, I can also provide consultancy services until the end product is manufactured, by staying in contact and performing quality control.

Over and above, I’m experienced in tutoring to certain workers which are talented but don’t know how to start with design and artwork. Contact me for further information and questions, it will be a pleasure to discuss this with you